Nappy Waste Removal – What the Law says.

Nappies go in normal waste, right? Wrong!

You would be forgiven for thinking this because when parents are at home, they throw the Nappy in the bin along with all the other household rubbish.

Nappies go in the normal waste, right? Wrong!

Well, that is not the case in public places such as shops, leisure facilities, restaurants, places of work and nurseries. The law is different and, in these situations, used nappies CANNOT be disposed of along with the general waste.

The important bit (the law)

The Environmental Protection Act (1990) sets out the rules for the management and disposal of different types of waste. One waste category is known as Sanitary Waste, this includes products used for bodily waste which due to the materials they are made of cannot be flushed down the toilet such as – disposable nappies.

The law places the ‘Duty of Care’ onto the business owner to ensure that all nappy waste is disposed of in line with these 4 rules:

  • There are clearly marked disposal options provided for Nappy waste
  • Nappy waste bins are emptied regularly and hygienically
  • Waste is handled by individuals or businesses that are licensed to do so as per the Environmental Protection Act (1990)
  • A record is kept for a minimum of 2 years of all waste received or transferred through a system of Waste Transfer Notes
How to make sure you are compliant

The easiest way to ensure you are staying compliant is to delegate this out to a specialist clinical waste service provider as the legal responsibility is then passed onto them as part of the service contract.

If you decide to use a clinical waste service provider (United Hygiene Solutions is a great choice!) normally the service will include the supply of the waste bin, and regular service for your waste removal. The company should have a waste carriers licence and they will provide you with the Waste Transfer paperwork which is required to ensure you are compliant with the law. This means that rules 1 – 4 (above) are all ticked off just by using United Hygiene Solutions.

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