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Urinal Screens

High-quality fragrances for a fresh smelling washroom

These Urinal Screens are innovative and have a flexible design that fits any urinal. The transparent screen discretely protects the drain by trapping debris. Neutra-lox malodour eliminator, a proprietary odour neutralising agent eliminates bad odours, instead of masking them.

Urinal Screens

  • Infused with a high-quality fragrance
  • Guaranteed fresh fragrance for 30 days
  • Contains Neutra-lox which is a proprietary malodour eliminator
  • The unique design eliminates splashes
  • The mesh design allows the screen to fit into any urinal
  • Serviced on a 4-weekly frequency
  • Neutralises odours instead of masking them
  • Keeps drains clean by trapping debris
  • Fragrance rotation ensures washrooms always smell fresh

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In the washroom, germs can be transmitted both directly and indirectly in a number of ways, making it vital to minimise their spread in your washroom.