Floorcare Services – Standard and Logo Dust Mats

Keeping your entrance clean with United Floorcare. Dust Mats are your building’s first line of defence, they remove dirt, dust and moisture that can damage the interior flooring.

At United Hygiene Solutions we specialised in providing laundered entrance and logo dust mats to our customers.

During the day everyone will collect dirt on the bottom of their shoes which is then taken with us everywhere we go. Imagine the dirt which can be taken from outside into your business! Our laundered dust mats can capture dirt and moisture from the soles of your shoes preventing them from going into your building. This will reduce both accidents and save on your cleaning and maintenance costs.

We have a range of colours to suit your businesses colour scheme and we can also provide logo mats to give your business that added touch of class.

Reliable customer care drivers

Our Customer Care Drivers will visit you on an agreed service frequency to take away the dirty mats and replace them with clean ones. Furthermore making sure that your businesses floor will always look clean and tidy – giving a great first impression and enhancing your companies Health and Safety.

Reliable floorcare solutions, Personal service, Trusted service team

Washroom and Hygiene Services

United Washrooms provide high-quality washroom products coupled with a service that can be tailored to your needs. We offer great value for money alongside our first-class service.

Clinical Waste Services

United Clinical Waste offers a range of healthcare and clinical waste removal services to help your business manage its waste effectively while remaining fully compliant with the legislation.