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Dust Mats

Keeping your entrance clean with United Floorcare. Dust Mats are your building’s first line of defence, they remove dirt, dust and moisture that can damage the interior flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need a Dust Mat?

Dust Mats minimise the risk of accidents caused by slipping on wet flooring. Dust Mats also protects internal floors from wear and tear due to heavy traffic areas reducing both cleaning and maintenance costs

Where can Dust Mats be used?

Dust Mats are most commonly placed at entrances to buildings but can also be used at internal entrances or hallways

Why would I have a Logo Dust Mat?

Logo Dust Mats are a great addition for a business at an entrance. They are designed to incorporate both your company logo and colour scheme and look professional and inviting at entrances.

Why have a Dust Mat service?

Our Dust Mats are sent away to our specialist laundry where they are washed to make sure all of the trapped in dirt is removed from the base of the dust mats as hoovering will only remove the surface debris.

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Keep your entrance clean

During the day everyone will collect dirt on the bottom of their shoes which is then taken with us everywhere we go. Imagine the dirt which can be taken from outside into your business! Our laundered dust mats can capture dirt and moisture from the soles of your shoes preventing it from going into your building.