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Dust Mats

Keeping your entrance clean with United Floorcare. Dust Mats are your building’s first line of defence, they remove dirt, dust and moisture that can damage the interior flooring.

Our Floorcare Service Cycle

United Floorcare makes sure that for every dust mat you require on a service we have two set aside for you. This means when you have a dust mat on the floor we have one going through the laundry process to ensure a clean one is ready for your next service.

Your dedicated Customer Care driver will COLLECT the dirty mats from your site on a pre-agreed service frequency and will replace them with a clean dust mat

The dirty mat is sent off to be LAUNDERED to ensure that all surface and trapped in dirt is removed.

All mats which are returned from the laundry are QUALITY checked on arrival at our site

Your Customer Care driver
DELIVERS your clean dust mats to your site with disruption to your business.

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Keep your entrance clean

During the day everyone will collect dirt on the bottom of their shoes which is then taken with us everywhere we go. Imagine the dirt which can be taken from outside into your business! Our laundered dust mats can capture dirt and moisture from the soles of your shoes preventing it from going into your building.